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Dr. Nancy is known for taking teams and players to the next level both on and off the field. She specializes in changing performance and changing lives. Football is in her blood. Peak Performance … her brain. Known as a trailblazer ahead of her time. When no one said it could be done. She did it. “Flow … Feel It”.

In practice and in the game her innovative, creative, and savvy coaching skills maximize her player’s performance. Her combined love of Neuroscience, Sport Science, and Social Science are behind her unique approach in coaching innovation. Her fascination with how our brains work is the reason she continues to spend time studying Neurobiology, Neuropsychology, and Neurophysics all while imagining how she can use that knowledge to improve her team’s performance. As a scholar, researcher, and professor, she uses solid science in creative ways to teach teams and players how to execute more precisely, find their focus, and come up with solutions to the many problems every team faces.Her superior perceptive and analytical skills reading plays, people, and performance give her team the edge on game day and everyday. Her ability to connect makes athletes feel that she “gets” where they are at.

Being an experienced QB – Receiver’s Specialist she knows what it takes to get the offense into rhythm. Her expertise in Mental Conditioning gives her the ability to help the QB’s she works with, get and keep their heads in the game, make better decisions, stay poised in the pocket, and perform under pressure. She understands what the “It Factor” or what she calls the “QB Factor” is and knows how to get her QB’s to tap into their full potential. Her experience includes: NFL, College, High School, and Youth Football teams.

Dr. Nancy is smart, savvy, and sophisticated, with the ability to coach tough men in tough situations. Whether on the practice field, in the locker room, or in the game on the sidelines, she can relate to everyone on their level from the NFL to Youth Football.  The experience, expertise, and support she brings to other coaches’ gives them extra confidence to perform their jobs well. Her dynamic personality, vivacious spirit, and incredible sense of humor bring a positive vibe creating positive chemistry. In addition to her other skills, she has successfully assisted players regain their confidence after injury and return to play using her mind-body interventions and consulting during the rehab process.

Coaches find she is a great asset in helping them manage their own stressful positions and lives. She is called the “Coaches’ Coach”. She knows how to keep their minds clear while making those game and life altering decisions.

Teaching & training athletes to succeed off the field drives her to infuse energy and the mental tools they need to perform at a higher level in relationships at home and in the community. As a Personal Development Coach, Dr. Nancy knows how to reach the core of tough men with tough issues. With her expertise in counseling skills, background in clinical psychology, role as a professor, and experience in the trenches working with NFL players, she is viewed as the ultimate in Player Development.

Dr. Nancy has an earned Doctorate in Sport. Performance, & Exercise Psychology and Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Her interest in Peak Performance, using the Power of the Mind, led to create and validate her research using her “Flow Specific Guided Imagery” (FSGI) MP3 as a part of the player’s pre-game routine to facilitate flow in athletic performance. Dr. Nance’s expertise using visualization, imagery and hypnosis make her the “go to” coach for every team who wants to have a better way to win.

As a native of the Midwest, Dr. Nance was born in a Suburb of Chicago and grew up in the shadow of Lambeau Field near Green Bay, Wisconsin her DNA was imprinted with football from the start. Being second best, in anything, has never been an option!!! Her mentor, the late Dr. Daniel Eckstein, was drafted by none other than the Great Coach Lombardi Himself. Football was a way of life in her neighborhood in her family. She has always been “one of the boys” playing tackle football in the yard. Grass stains, scuffed up knees, and a few bruises were the norm coming home from an afternoon of play. As a fierce competitor, she thrives on being the best she could be no matter what that took. Aggressive, tenacious, and mentally tough describe her both then and now. Her ability to outsmart and outwit her opponents.

In addition to her unique coaching abilities, Dr. Nancy is a Motivator, Speaker, and Educator. She is an accomplished Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Educator, Counselor, Speaker, and Author.

Whether on the field or off the field, Dr. Nancy is the athletes’ choice for success in the game and in the game of life.

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PHONE: (305) 363-7613


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