I Work With Teams, Players, and Coaches Maximizing Performance on the Field and Changing Lives Off the Field. My Passion is Getting Players to Execute with Precision on a Consistent Basis. As an Expert in Human Performance, I Use My Gifts to Unlock Untapped Potential unique to Each Player, Each Coach, Each Team. In Integrate the Latest Research from Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Neuropsychology, Neurophysics, Sport & Social Sciences, Increasing Physical Performance and Peak Experience Known as “Flow” or “Being in the Zone”. I Specialize in the “Mental Game” Increasing Focus, Confidence, and the Ability to Learn, Remember the Playbook, Personnel Packages, and enhance Precise Execution on the Field. Other Benefits Include Decreased Turnovers, Penalties, Fumbles, and Mental Mistakes. On the Sidelines I Use My Ninja Skills to Alter Players Emotional States That Make Them Perform Better in the Game. My Work Also Includes Changing a Player’s Biomechanics for Improved Strength, Power, Precision Movement, and Speed. I Work Closely With the Players and the Coaching Staff on the Practice Field, Meeting Rooms, and During the Game. Quarterbacks are My Specialty. Being an Experienced QB-Receivers Coach I Know How to Get QBS to Tap into Their Full Potential. 

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Being an Experienced Quarterback Specialist I Know How to Get QBS to Tap into Their Full Potential. I Get and Keep Their Heads in the Game, Make Better Decisions, Stay Poised in the Pocket, and Perform Under Pressure. QBS Play Smarter, Execute Better, Experience Increased Focused, and Ability to Make Better Reads at the Line of Scrimmage.  I know What It Takes to be Successful On and Off the Field. I Understand What Makes Great Quarterbacks Tick. I Can Take Your Performance & Play Calling to the Next Level.

Injuries are a part of the game. Working With Injured Athletes I Am Able to Help Them Work Through This Stressful Time. My Focus is On the Mental and Emotional Aspects of the Injury and Recovery Process. Repeated Cycles of Ongoing Injury and Rehab Take a Toll on an Athletes Psyche With the Ongoing Grind. Anxiety and Depression Commonly Occur Even Among the Most Mentally Tough Athletes. The Fear of Re-Injury is Another Common Issue I Deal With. It Can Happen to Anyone With Mild to Severe Injuries. Retirement From Playing or Coaching is a Huge Decision. The Difficult Part is Most Often Choosing to Make That Career Transition When One’s Whole Life and Identity Have Been Wrapped Up in the Game They Love. I Help Them Deal With and Navigate the Many Mental and Emotional Issues That are All a Part of The Process.

I Am A Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) MH#5918 With Additional Certifications as a Certified Cognitive – Behavioral Therapist, Hypnotherapist, & Sport Hypnotherapist. I Have a Master of Science (M.S.) Degree in Psychology – Mental Health Counseling From Nova Southeastern University at the Center of Psychological Studies in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Along With a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology from Capella University. I Have 25 + Years Experience Working in the Mental Health Field Working in Psychiatric Hospitals, Detox & Rehab Facilities, Mental Health Clinics, and in Private Practice.
I Received My Clinical License in 02/02/2000 Which I Currently Maintain. My Clinical Practice & Credentials are Based in the State of Florida. My Clinical Mental Health Services are Only Available to Those in the State of Florida at This Time Since My Mental Health License (LMHC – MH#5918) is Valid Only in Florida. I Provide Mental Health Consulting • Education • Speaking and Referrals for Those Outside of Florida.
I Work With Clients in Person and Online. My Online Clinical Services are Very Popular Due to the Convenience and Comfort of Having Sessions With Me in Their Home, Office, or Other Location Using One’s Mobile Device of Choice. Online Sessions are Also Just as Effective as Working with Me in Person. My Private Practice is a Unique Custom Blend of Traditional Clinical Mental Services for the General Population Along With Additional Highly Specialized Services Focusing on the Issues Particular to Athletes, Coaches, Teams, Performing Artists, Business Executives, and Organizations.